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Wow, at Lockout Locksmith PA, we have had situations where the homeowner attempted a do-it-yourself during a lockout and failed. They ended up damaging the lock, door, and some part of the wall. Finally, they called a locksmith, and we opened the damaged door, but now they had to pay more to get everything fixed. You can try, but the risks are more expensive than the reward.

Secondly, if you live in a quiet neighborhood, the police might be alerted, and you could be arrested for attempting a break-in unless you can verify your ownership of the property. We highly recommend that you do not think about hacking into your own locks or any lock for that matter. Call our locksmith service at (484) 828-1883 now.

In other words, you are stealing your own car. Hmm, that is not right and wrong in every sense. The fob is a control system that receives a signal to start or open your car. Unlocking your car without the fob will immediately set off the alarm, and even if you succeed at switching it off, it will gradually go off after a while. The fob is supposed to sync with the car to keep it moving, and without it, it cannot go far. However, if the fob is an issue for you, do not take the risk but call (484) 381-2550 for an automotive locksmith to reset or change the fob chip for you. Your car is an investment, guard it jealously.

Yes, if it is done by a qualified locksmith. However, if you do it yourself, you might damage it and pay more for repairs. Lockout Locksmith PA is a specialized automotive locksmith in Allentown, PA, that can guarantee that your car will be opened without any damage or scratch. Whether you have mistakenly locked the key in the car or trunk, broken the key in the handle or ignition, or whatever the reason, we have a professional locksmith that will handle it.

We are a complete locksmith service solution for residents and business owners. We will repair, replace, restore, maintain, fix, install and do more if it has to do with locks and keys. We also provide emergency roadside services for car lockout customers, especially in the middle of the night. You can call us at (484) 828-1883;, and we will be there. Some of our services are

  • Key production
  • Lock change or rekey
  • Residential services
  • Commercial/industrial services
  • High-security locks and many more

Finally, our prices are affordable, and locksmiths are professionally trained and certified too.

Yes, we do, and it is available 24/7, 365 days a year, for all our customers throughout Allentown and its surroundings. The reason for our success in this community is our promise to be there in 30 minutes or less. We have kept this promise because we have excellent drivers and locksmith vans fitted with the latest tools and machines to enable them to work on the spot. So whether you need a new key, lock or both, we will do it satisfactorily for you.

Any good lock shop will sell high-quality locks, but only a locksmith can determine if a lock is high-security or just high-quality. So when you intend to go for high-security locks, do not just buy one because it says so, hire a credible and reliable locksmith for the job. A locksmith’s job goes beyond fixing and installing locks. They are lock consultants to help you decide if a lock is best for the purpose and use. Want a guarantee in choosing a locksmith in Allentown, call (484) 828-1883 now.

If your old locks have been compromised or your home is broken into, you need to upgrade your locks. High-security locks are not just another fancy product on the market, they are well-designed and durable locks aimed at stopping intruders from entering your space. High-security locks are resistant to bumping, picking, and drilling. Even hammering it is a difficult task unless you intend to spoil the door. These are common ways intruders enter your home, and lock manufacturers have made locks to withstand these impacts, thereby increasing security. Some of the most trusted brands are Mul-T-lock and Medeco, among others. They are expensive and worth it.

While both are locksmiths, there is a difference. A qualified locksmith is one that learned the trade as an apprentice until he/she became perfect as a locksmith. A certified locksmith is one that actually went to school and studied locks with a graduation certificate. It also means the locksmith underwent a lock certification program and was successful. Many locksmiths are both qualified and certified. At Lockout Locksmith PA, we strive to ensure that our locksmiths are qualified and certified to enable them to work more efficiently in the field.

Commercial or industrial locks have complicated cylinders than residential locks. For most locksmiths, it is easy to rekey a residential lock because the lock cylinder consists of at most 5 pins that are easy to maneuver. However, commercial locks have more than 5 pins and up to 7 in some instances.

This is why they offer better security and are needed to keep commercial businesses safe. It also means you need a qualified locksmith to handle such locks in a rekey service.

Absolutely yes, it is a must, or you risk jeopardizing your life and safety. Most times, previous tenants, neighbors, friends, and even landlords have keys and can access your space. Do not change the locks when you get in, do it before you move in. Remember to choose a credible locksmith that can deliver an excellent job.

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