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At Lockout Locksmith PA, your business and home are our responsibility, and we will go all out to ensure that it is safe and secure. We have the experienced technicians, and operating a locksmith business here is incredible.

We give thanks to the wonderful people that support and announce our business. Allentown, PA, is home to us, and we are ready to ensure it is safe using the best locks and locksmiths.

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Locksmiths throughout History

Perhaps locksmiths did not go about opening doors because of a house lockout or car lockout. Neither did they have to come because someone forgot their car keys in their car. Locksmiths were used to creating locks to secure places of importance and guard significant possession.
The world was free, and people did not have to bother about thieves as we do in these times. Today locksmiths have shifted their skills and crafts to protecting people and creating keys because we always lose our keys.

For a moment, close your eyes and imagine a world without locksmiths? Would it be safe or no?

Your choice will have you calling (484) 381-2550 to check the locks and beef up security around your premises.

Who is a locksmith?

A locksmith is a skilled craftsman trusted with the security of your property and the safety of your loved ones and possession. He works with locks and keys. In the olden days, this seemingly simple task was a tedious and involved lot of hammering. Today the world is innovative, and they have access to tools and machines that make keys in seconds and locks open or installed in minutes.

Lockout Locksmith Pa is a prominent provider in Allentown, PA, serving the community by using olden and modern skills in securing residents and businesses. Finally, we are dedicated to our service, and as we evolve with locks, w devise new methods to protect our community with the best.

We have many ways to serve you!

Residential Locksmith

Lockout Locksmith PA offers quality lock and key solution to residents of Allentown, and using the latest tools and lock technology; we have diversified into

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Locksmith Near Me

Welcome to Lockout Locksmith PA, your number one locksmith near me We are a full-service lock and key service for residents and businesses in Allentown,

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Lock Rekey Service

Thinking about rekeying your home, business, or office lock? Contact us, and we will decide which best option suitable for your needs is. Lockout Locksmith

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Lock Change Services

Your home and business require security, and thanks to Lockout Locksmith PA, customers and residents are smiling to bed and happy that their business is

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Industrial Locksmith

Looking for an accredited industrial locksmith in Allentown, PA? You just found it here. Call (484) 381-2550 for more information on how best to secure

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House Lockout Service

What could be more annoying and frustrating than locking yourself out of your house? While this is nerve-wracking and stressful, it can happen anywhere and

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High-Security Locks

High-security locks are a new way for residential, commercial, and industrial properties to secure their premises from thieves. Locks have evolved over the years and

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Commercial Locksmith

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Any Lock Can Be Opened

About Us

After several decades in the business, we have built a trusted and reliable locksmith business and name in Allentown, PA. And we give thanks to all our customers for making it happens – building and operating a business here. Our customer’s needs are our priority. The safety and security of our community depend on several factors, and only a credible team to ensure you is locked only when business is over. Some of our services are installing, repairing, and choosing the right locks for our clients.

Whether it is keeping your office content safe or protecting your loved one, each place must have the right locks and key to deliver as promised. We are all about high-quality locks, service, and affordable prices.

Lockout Locksmith PA is a local locksmith provider assisting businesses and residents of Allentown, PA, to keep their premises safe and secure. We want to build a safe and free Allentown community where people can sleep with the door open. However, burglars and intruders cannot be swept under the carpet. So we are here to ensure your home and business remain secure and Allentown is a safe place for everyone.

Lockout Locksmith PA also provides high-quality locksmithing accessories for all types of locks, and over the years, we have grown to love what we do. Locksmithing is a craft that requires diligence and love. We have it as we are passionate and want people to appreciate what we do through our services. To efficiently deliver excellent service in Allentown, PA, we need a team that understands locks and security implementation. We have a group of locksmiths, mostly locals that live around Allentown and want to add value to society.

We are known for our detail for excellence. So regardless of where you reside in Allentown, PA, call (484) 381-2550 anytime, and a locksmith will be with you.

Our locksmith service caters to residential, commercial, and automotive owners. If it is a lock problem, you will not get a better locksmith in Allentown better than Lockout Locksmith PA.

Do you need more information about what we do? Send us an email at (484) 381-2550.

What do we do?

We do a lot of things. If it has to do with lock and key, we are responsible for ensuring it was a-okay. So if asked the above question, our answer will be handling all lock issues, including lock installation, rekeying, cutting duplicating, programming, and more. Lockout Locksmith PA also accesses, analyze, consult, and partner with other lock manufacturers to use only high quality. Besides changing and repairing locks, we will come to check the structural integrity to ensure they can provide the security you and your premises need.
Some of what we do is:

Lockout service

we specialize in opening locked houses, offices, or other locked objects and spaces when you lose, misplace, or if the key is stolen. Our professional locksmith will arrive at your home to manipulate the locks so that you can gain access to your home. Our lockout services are applied to padlocks, safes, cabinets, and windows too.
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Key programming and keyless entry

locks have evolved, and people use keyless entry to limit key losses or stolen keys. However, the keyless entry also gets spoilt or jammed and needs to be reprogrammed. At Lockout Locksmith PA, we have a specialized team of locksmiths to handle modern locks and keys.
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Access control

looking for a locksmith that can effectively handle high-security locks and their perks, then you are at the right place. Our access service control is essential for commercial and industrial outlets that need high-level security to protect their premises.
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Need a locksmith that can handle any locks and keys in Allentown, PA?

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Key cutting

keys get worn old with continuous use and get broken or stops functioning. Lockout Locksmith PA has all tools and machines to cut all types of keys for any locks. Whether for houses, businesses, automotive, or others, we have got your back.
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Lock repairs

the ability to track and locate the exact problem with a lock is a skill that only a good locksmith possesses. At Lockout Locksmith PA, we have learned the trade and understand that not all locks need opening. Additionally, we know how to assemble a worn-out lock back together to ensure it is working well.
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Lock Installation

every locksmith can DIY a lock, but only a professional locksmith will know which lock is right and where it goes. At Lockout Locksmith PA, our installation process is affordable and fast, only using quality brands around the country.
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Key extractions

whether a key is broken in the lock, you are stuck. Whether it is a vehicular extraction or house extraction, we can remove a broken key from any lock and fix it as required.
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Unlike many professional locksmiths, Lockout Locksmith PA provides high-quality locksmith service and a better alternative to shabby locks for homes and businesses in this area. Additionally, we will take on any large or small contract that requires locks or keys.

Do you need locks that work? Are you looking to improve the security of premises? Call us at (484) 381-2550 or send us an email atinfo@lockoutlocksmithpa.com


Regardless of the number of security systems and cameras fitted around your premises, it is worthless without good locks. Secondly, no matter how effective and efficient a lock is, it will need to be replaced, repaired, or restored someday. In the same manner, your key will be stolen, missing, or lost regardless of how careful you are. All these circumstances require the services of a locksmith, and choosing one capable and reliable is fundamental.

Well, you can decide to DIY and suffer the consequence of paying the locksmith more because you damaged the locks more than the actual problem. Secondly, trying to fix your lock yourself could cause lapses and leave your home or business premises vulnerable to intruders and thieves.


We are properly trained – and have locksmiths that have completed the necessary training programs and processes to enable them to serve you better. Additionally, we have been accredited to the respective and locksmith associated. We also follow up with the latest skills to ensure we are on top of our locksmith game and fix any locks, whether at the home, office, or business premises.


We have gathered lots of experience throughout the years – locksmith is a craft that you perfect as you continue practicing it. Gone are the days of picking and drilling locks. Today, we have developed simple and effective means to make lock fixing neater and less cumbersome.


We have the tools and machinery to handle any lock and key – today keys and locks are complicated, and only a well-equipped locksmith can meet up with the demands of the 21st century. Lockout Locksmith PA is one of Allentown’s highly-equipped locksmiths. Our tools are capable of creating or solving any type of lock or key without problems.


Reliable and trustworthy – a locksmith is also an intruder. However, we are legal and there to help. We cannot see the heart of men, so trust is a significant factor in being a locksmith. We have built a name for ourselves as reliable and kept it so.


Available anytime – day or night – if locks and keys start to develop faults, we would be prepared, but they don’t and can happen any time. Fortunately for residents and business owners in Allentown, we are available throughout the day. To reinforce our commitment to 24/7 service, we are also available during the holidays and will come to you even on Christmas Day.

For more of our services, browse through our service page to know more about what we do in Allentown, PA
Call (484) 381-2550 or send us an email at info@lockoutlocksmithpa.com.

We Do Car Key Replacement For All Major Brands

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